We turn business ideas into profitable companies by being part of the team right from the start.
We join the team in the very early stages to turn prototypes into profitable companies. We refocus the project’s vision, help establish a solid team and add value in any of the project’s needs.
We carry out internal and external innovation processes to find solutions to the challenges facing the travel sector.
We are always producing prototypes that allow us to quickly validate business ideas.
As co-founders, we specially focus on the business approach, make up the team and offer support to cover every detail the project requires.
We make the whole Grupo Hotusa network available to our companies, in addition to financing their growth
Hotusa VB produces start-ups from business ideas in the travel sector. To do so, we promote innovation both inside and outside of the group, through our Hotusa Challenge. We get involved from the idea stage, turning prototypes into profitable companies. We help focus the vision, set up a team and support each project in any way necessary as co-founders.
Mainly our involvement in the projects and the time frame. Both accelerators and incubators tend to support projects for a specific period of time (6 months, 3 months, etc.) but for a company builder that is unthinkable: Hotusa is a founding partner of the start-up from beginning to end.

Another difference between these bodies and a venture builder is the source of the idea. An accelerator/incubator is for companies that have an idea, which is already being put into practice in many cases. We are there much earlier, working with entrepreneurs who often times don't even have a concept yet.
Yes. We're looking for talented professionals to work with to create start-ups, because there are loads of ideas out there. We help you find a business idea that is in line with your passion, sharing the risk and giving you the resources to start up a company together.
We'd be interested in talking and telling you about our Hotusa Challenge, but you should know that the idea isn't everything for us: what's most important is that you are passionate about it, so if you haven't started working on yet, come see us and together we'll decide how to make it into a successful business.

If it doesn't suit us, don't worry. We'll encourage you to continue working on your own doing what you like best. We aren't looking to profit from other people's dreams.
We promote internal and external innovation through our Hotusa Challenge, which seeks to tackle the main challenges facing the sector and find the start-ups we later produce.
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