Introducing a space in Barcelona where the best travel start-ups work side by side.
At the Hotusa Travel Lab, start-ups at different stages of development work side by side on projects that focus on the travel and lodging sector. These start-ups have access to a wide network of contacts and on-going feedback from collaborators, as well as the support of a large corporation.
Surround yourself with other start-ups in your sector and share synergies, feedback and experiences.
Work in a large, modern space in the centre of Barcelona, where your ideas will have free rein.
Work with the Hotusa Ventures expert mentors, who will help you throughout the process.
Participate in the events the Hotusa Travel Lab regularly organises for start-ups in the travel sector.
Only three start-ups will be accepted for a six-month co-working stage.
Interested in participating in this initiative to share a workspace in the centre of Barcelona.
Start-ups at any stage of development may participate in this initiative, from ideation to more established start-ups.
The experience at the Hotusa Travel Lab lasts half a year.
We’re looking for start-ups focused on the travel sector that want to transform the industry.
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The purpose of these terms and conditions is to govern the relationship between Hotusa Ventures SLU and participants in the Hotusa Challenge. All participants must be individuals over 18 years of age, Spanish citizens or legal aliens, with entrepreneurial spirit and interest in start-ups. Individuals must accept each and all of the terms and conditions to be able to participate, including those regarding their participation in the Hotusa Venture Builder production programme. PARTICIPATION Participation is divided into different stages:

1. Registration: Formalised by an individual submitting their candidacy through a platform provided for this purpose, filling in all the obligatory fields. All participants must submit to a personal interview if necessary. Additionally, in registering, individuals are committing to attend the event that will be held in Barcelona on the dates listed, without any right to request compensation for travel expenses and/or per diems during the event; except with justifiable cause for not being able to attend the event.
2. Candidate selection: Within 10 days of the close of registration, the candidates who have been selected to participate in the Hotusa Challenge will be duly notified. They will be notified individually via the e-mail address provided in the registration process. At that time, they will also be sent a dossier with detailed information on the event and programme. If any of the selected candidates were not able to attend the event for any reason, they must notify the organisation as soon as possible so their spot may be assigned to another person.
3. Hotusa Challenge: The event will begin with training sessions with guest mentors. It will continue with training sessions for the individual teams and designing of prototypes. It will conclude with each team presenting their project to the panel of judges. For more information on the event programme, click here (link to event programme).
4. Post event: The panel of judges will select 2 of the projects selected at the event over the following weeks. Those selected will be notified via the e-mail address provided by the team members. These projects will be presented to the Hotusa Venture Builder investment committee, which will decide whether or not to include the projects in their production process. For selected projects, the entrepreneurs who developed them will be offered the opportunity to join the production programme. For more information on the production process, click here (link to Hotusa Venture Builder). This also includes use of a crowdworking space in the Hotusa Travel Lab. ASSESSMENT Throughout the event and afterwards, Hotusa Ventures staff will assess the proposed projects based on criteria such as scalability, potential market, validation of hypotheses, etc. Furthermore, the manner in which the team members develop the projects will also be assessed in terms of their individual aptitudes and attitudes, with a view to participation in future teams. SUSPENSION OF PARTICIPATION Hotusa Venture may revoke a selected individual's right to participate if it deems there is due cause.
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